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With the rapid growth of domestic construction market demand, coupled with the needs of a variety of municipal infrastructure, with the various industries are ushered in the development opportunity. In this, there is one of the most striking leader - sand making machine industry. According to the relevant data show that in recent years, the use of sand in the concrete raw materials, construction sand, road construction, the number of civil engineering construction is increasing year by year, and this trend will continue to continue. We all know that in the sand production line, due to the different types of sand making machine, the product produced by the particle shape, particle size, ultra-small diameter material ratio, and even mud, mud and so on are not The same, and the work of the various stone itself also has a different thickness, size and performance. In order to meet the needs of increasingly stringent production lines, we need to choose according to the characteristics of various stone to different sanders to produce the most suitable finished product, then the selection of sand making machine is the key. In today's stone production line, its production line equipment is nothing more than two categories: coarse and crushed. Which crushing equipment, including the first broken jaw broken, two broken broken broken, cone broken, and crushing equipment is the main impact of sand making machine, the third generation of sand making machine, river pebble sand making machine, it special Applicable to the production of abrasive, refractory materials, cement, quartz sand, grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate and other hard and brittle materials crushed and broken. According to the actual situation of our sales, it is known that the raw materials of the sand production line are mainly made of basalt, limestone, granite and conglomerate. Therefore, in the selection of sand making equipment, : River pebble sand machine (or pebble sand making machine) and so on.
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Sand gold ore crusher equipment to re-election mainly nothing more than the following: fixed chute, agitation chute, tape chute, centrifugal election gold machine; round jig, ore shaker. What kind of equipment to use the election of gold? Depending on the circumstances. Agitated chute, jig, shaker selection rate is almost the same, than the ordinary fixed chute higher than 10%, although the initial investment is relatively large, but the fixed chute loss of gold, the loss will be a staggering figure, Is the cost of equipment 10 times, or even 100 times. Are presented separately as follows: Fixed spiral chute made by a simple sticky gold blanket, low cost, easy maintenance, the use of *** for a wide range of this chute effect is poor, resulting in serious loss of sand gold. Agitated chute cost is relatively high, but the election rate than the fixed chute is good, can reach more than 92%. But the maintenance should be a little more complicated. It has a fixed chute of the amount of sediment, jig shuffle election rate. With a tape and chute with a centrifugal selection of gold with the use of the results, the election rate and agitation chute effect is almost, generally can reach more than 90%, you can uninterrupted gold. The Centrifugal election gold ore crusher recovery rate is high, 0.04-0.074mm above the recovery of gold particles can be as high as 95% or more, low yield, can enrich more than 1000 times, available in the sand gold sorting process, Round jig, the election rate is slightly better than the agitation chute, but the cost maintenance is much higher than the agitation chute, complex structure, high cost, complex maintenance, large weight, can only be used in large mines Small mines can not afford the industry can not be used. Shaker is the number of devices in the election rate of equipment, the disadvantage is that the amount of sediment is too small, can only be used for the treatment of concentrates, rough ore treatment can do nothing.
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At present, with the continuous investment in large-scale infrastructure construction, the increasingly mature and standardized construction of urban construction waste, as well as the enhancement of environmental awareness, construction waste recycling has been put into use throughout the country for the infrastructure construction provides a large number of raw materials , China Mobile crushing and screening equipment market situation is bound to show a breakthrough type of fast-moving. Mobile crushing and screening equipment in the field of construction waste crusher has become increasingly prominent, most of the construction waste through the broken sieving finished aggregate, can be re-applied to highway construction, real estate projects, urban construction, landscape construction and other fields, Has a high economic value. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries market, with mobile convenience, environmental performance advantages more prominent mobile crushing and screening equipment, the application is more common, the market share is as high as 60% -70%. Some foreign manufacturers have been betting about them. Compared to foreign construction machinery enterprises have "settled" China Mobile crushing and sieving the market "lively", Chinese enterprises are not to be outdone, in the technical, marketing service layout began to catch up quickly. After years of active research and development, SBM Machinery, through its close combination with the domestic construction waste crusher market, has now mastered its core technology in mobile crushing and screening equipment and has rapidly expanded the construction waste crusher technology and quickly occupied the construction waste crusher industry market. "Low carbon economy, green world" theme has become the trend of the times. New energy-saving green crushing and screening equipment and Chinese users of construction waste crusher products continue to strengthen awareness, will contribute to the rapid development of its industry.
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